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FIAT Panda, Renault R5, Volkswagen ID. Golf: European electric cars turn to nostalgia to stand up to Tesla and Chinese brands

European industry is in trouble. The rise of Tesla and the rapid landing of Chinese brands has caught indigenous manufacturers off guard, who cannot compete neither for speed nor for costs against these new rivals specialized in electromobility. However, they have the advantage of decades of operating in a market that they know like the back of their hand.

The most popular type of car among European customers is a utility vehicle (segment B) approximately 4 meters long, a niche that the three main groups of the old continent (Renault, stellantis and Volkswagen) dominate perfectly. For this reason, its next access electric cars will fall into this category.

In addition, they also plan to build on their storied legacy (which new players lack), appealing to buyers’ nostalgia to ensure commercial success. With this idea in mind, between 2024 and 2025 the new FIAT Panda, Renault R5 and VW ID. Golf, respectively based on the FIAT Concept Centoventi, Renault 5 Prototype and Volkswagen ID. 2all concept.

All three will have very similar dimensions, equivalent rates (less than 25,000 euros before aid), will be front-wheel drive and will be named after some of the best sellers most remembered by the European public.

VW ID. 2all concept, Renault 5 Prototype and FIAT Concept Centoventi

Renault, Stellantis and Volkswagen will exploit their historical legacy

It is interesting to note that both the Panda and the Golf will change categories in their next generations. The first has always been one of the largest urban segment A and the second one of the smallest compact segment C, so their respective size changes will not be too dramatic.

The electric FIAT Panda, which will see the light of day in 2024, will be characterized by having an aesthetic of type crossover. It will be manufactured in Kragujevac (Serbia), where it will share a production line with the next Citroën ë-C3. Both will be based on a simplified version of the platform eCMP of Stellantis. In its most capable versions, it will be around 400 km WLTP of autonomy.

The VW ID. 2all will have a superior segment habitability

The Renault R5 will also go on sale next year. Assembled in Douai (France), the small Frenchman will be in charge of launching the platform CMF-BEV of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. It will sport a markedly retro design inspired by the original R5 (1972-1984), and will offer a maximum range of 450 km WLTP.

The VW ID. Golf will be the last to arrive, as it will wait until mid-2025. Its appearance will be quite sober and continuous, with numerous nods to its predecessors with an internal combustion engine. platform based MEB Entry, this spacious model will be made in Martorell (Spain). Like the R5, it will homologate about 450 km WLTP in its most expensive variants.

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