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FIAT Multipla 2024: First Details & Photos

The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz, presented yesterday afternoon, has been enthusiastically received by the public. This electric van has managed to conquer the majority of Internet users thanks to its striking design, directly inspired by the classic “hippie” T1 of the 50s and 60s, something that can be seen in its proportions (“flat” nose, absence of overhangs ) or your two-tone paint scheme.

However, it is no less true than the Volkswagen ID. Buzz will not be an affordable model: in the absence of official confirmation, its starting price in Germany is expected to be similar to that of the Multivan, so it should cost around 60,000 euros. Therefore, it will be a vehicle away from the general public.

All in all, the Stellantis group seems willing to offer a smaller and more affordable alternative for those looking for a model with a similar approach. According to a report published by L’Argus, FIAT is working on a small electric minivan inspired by the 600 Multipla (1956-1967), considered by many to be the first MPV in history. The Multipla name was also used on a six-seater minivan sold from 1998 to 2010, which is still remembered for its peculiar aesthetics.

FIAT already tried to launch a remake of the 600 Multipla a decade ago; however, the “noseless” design of the original model was practically impossible to imitate in a modern car with a bulky combustion engine in the front compartment, which is why a more conventional cut proposal was finally launched, the 500L (2012 ), which stopped being marketed in Spain just a few weeks ago.

FIAT Multipla 2024

The new FIAT Multipla will be a spacious and affordable electric car

However, the use of an electric motor would allow the execution of a design closer to that of the 600 Multipla, which is why FIAT would have decided to take advantage of the Stellantis group’s eCMP platform to develop its new minivan.

We must remember that, as of 2023, the current eCMP will be divided into two architectures: the eCMP Entry, for low-cost models, and the second generation eCMP, for more advanced proposals. According to the L’Argus report, FIAT will use the former, so the new Multipla (or 500 Multipla) will be produced in Trnava (Slovakia).

Since its new electric nature will free up a lot of useful space, the third-generation FIAT Multipla could return to the six-seat (3+3) configuration of its 90-year-old predecessor. At the moment it is not clear if it will measure like that (almost 4 meters) or if, on the contrary, it will use the longest version of the eCMP platform (about 4.40 meters).

It will have two LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries of SVOLT origin, one with a smaller capacity for those looking for a vehicle for urban use, and another larger one that will make it possible to travel in a somewhat more comfortable way. Since you will be using the eCMP Entry platform and LFP cells, your rates should be relatively affordable.

Therefore, we will find ourselves before an electric car with a retro design, a spacious cabin, and a competitive starting priceTaking into account the enormous success that vintage “vans” enjoy today, are we facing a future best seller? Everything indicates that this will be the case.

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