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Ferrari Purosangue All Details, Prices and Engine

After Lamborghini, Bentley, and Co., Ferrari is now planning its first SUV, even if nobody would have believed it. The Ferrari Purosangue was photographed on test drives – and we have created an exclusive rendering to show you what the Ferrari SUV could look like. We also have information and spyshot for you. Could these drawings show what the upcoming Ferrari Purosangue SUV will look like? Read on for all the details.

  • Ferrari SUV spotted
  • Name ‘Purosangue’ probably
  • V12 with natural suction
  • V8 petrol hybrid model
  • It will not be released before 2022
  • Price probably over 230,000 €

The Ferrari Purosangue is well on its way to becoming the iconic Italian maker’s first SUV, and exclusive new renderings give a hint of what it might look like. It will be a V12 powered alternative to the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX when it hits the market, possibly in late 2022.

Exterior design

These exclusive renderings of the Ferrari Purosangue give you an idea of ​​what the production vehicle might look like. At the front are the narrow headlights, which, similar to the Ferrari Roma, have daytime running lights and flank a trapezoidal grille.

The hood has dramatic curves and the roofline of the Purosangue has a sleek approach rather than a boxy rear end. The rear of the car features a large black panel with the prancing horse logo and thin LED taillights similar to those of the Ferrari 296 GTB.


The front of the Purosangue will be equipped with leather, brushed metal, and carbon fiber as well as a new version of the Ferrari infotainment system. The new Ferrari Purosangue is expected to be the first modern five-seater Ferrari, although it’s likely you can get a set of two custom rear seats if you prefer – like that of the GTC4 Lusso.

Ferrari Purosangue Engine

Many components of the Roma GT will be installed under the hood of the new Ferrari Purosangue. A V12 engine is quite unlikely, we assume a V6 engine that could generate more than 600 hp thanks to hybrid technology.

Ferrari Purosangue

It is not known if the Purosangue will have the rear-wheel-drive (like most other Ferrari models) or if it will use a similar all-wheel-drive system as the GTC4 Lusso. It is not expected that the Ferrari V12 hybrid SUV Purosangue serve as a car with an already powerful V12 engine by adding electric motors and batteries to be heavy would. Instead, there will likely be a twin-turbo V8 hybrid at some point.

Ferrari Purosangue Price

Ferrari’s first SUV is expected to be unveiled to the public in 2022. It’s possible it won’t launch until later this year, though (as with most Ferraris) you can bet that many wealthy gasoline fans have already sent blank checks to the Ferrari factory to make sure their names areas first to be on the list for this new SUV. If you’d rather wait for that new car to arrive at the dealerships, get ready to transfer at least € 230,000 to park one in your driveway.

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