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Ferrari Purosangue Debut With Powerful Engine

After Lamborghini, Bentley, and Co., Ferrari has now officially presented its first SUV. The Purosangue premiered on September 13 – and comes with enormous performance and a practical interior.

Now Ferrari also has an SUV in its range. For a long time they had closed themselves off, but now they are opening up to the wishes of the customers. Despite its SUV design, the Purosangue is still a real Ferrari.

Ferrari Purosangue prices and the start of sales

Ferrari’s first SUV celebrated its official premiere on September 13th. When exactly the Purosangue will go on sale is still unclear. The prices have not yet been communicated either. However, we assume that it will cost more than 300,000 euros.

Exterior design

The design was already teased some time ago, but now you can see that the front and top were based on the Roma. The narrow daytime running lights dominate, the main headlights sit underneath and are very discreet in comparison.

Not to be overlooked are the large air intakes, which already indicate what to expect under the hood. The Purosangue is a jacked-up 812 that has significantly more benefits.

Ferrari Purosangue

Ferrari tries to avoid the term SUV or crossover because with the Purosangue they want to have developed a sports car that allows the whole family to drive along. The curb weight is 2,033 kilograms, the ground clearance is 185 millimeters, and the trunk is 473 liters – everyone in the family should be able to accommodate luggage there.

Engines and handling

The thing that arguably interests most about a Ferrari is its performance. And you get a lot of that at Purosangue. Ferrari has installed a 6.5-liter V12 naturally aspirated engine – a bit questionable given the current fuel prices. But if you want to drive the Purosangue, you probably won’t shy away from it.

Ferrari Purosangue

The power amounts to 724 hp, which means that the Ferrari SUV reaches 100 km/h in just 3.3 seconds, after just over 10 seconds the 200 km/h mark is cracked. The top speed is Ferrari-like at 312 km/h. The maximum torque is a whopping 716 Newton meters, and the Purosangue comes with all-wheel drive and 8-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Ferrari Purosangue Interior

Ferrari Purosangue interior

Ferrari has mainly used recycled materials for the interior, which does not detract from the comfort and luxury at all. Rigid shift paddles on the steering column are there for shifting gears, and there is a 10.2-inch display for the front passenger so that he too can get all the information he wants. The cockpit is thus mirrored one-to-one on the passenger side, which seems a bit idiosyncratic.

The rear consists of two seats, so a total of four people can ride. Boarding is a luxury for the passengers in the second row because the rear-hinged doors open fully electrically.

Ferrari Purosangue

The Ferrari is also designed for trips with the family because the trunk swallows 473 liters and it is also variable. If there are only two people on the road, the backrests of the rear seats can be folded down electrically, making even more space available.

Important to know: There is no trailer hitch. Ferrari doesn’t go that far after all. According to the manufacturer, the entire chassis would have had to be changed for this.

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