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Ferrari 296 GTS Review, Photos & Price

The 296 GTB is followed by the Ferrari 296 GTS . The open counterpart to the hybrid athlete from Maranello relies on the same 830 hp V6. We know that for the price!

Just in time for the start of the convertible season, the Italians will have the Ferrari 296 GTS in April 2022pulled out of a hat. The open brother of the 296 GTB has the decisive advantage that the furious hybrid V6 can be enjoyed even more unfiltered at the push of a button on the top control. The super sports car opens within 14 seconds and at speeds of up to 45 km/h, leaving only the roll-over hump and the center strut between the seats.

In general, the designers managed to preserve the elegance of the original coupé design. In addition, customers and onlookers can look forward to a glass engine cover, which is anything but a matter of course for convertibles. Below that is the 663 hp (488 kW) V6, which is supported by an electric motor that generates 123 kW (167 hp). The impressive system output of 830 hp (610 kW) unleashes the eight-speed double-clutch on the rear wheels.

The Ferrari 296 GTS (2022) sprints to country road speed in 2.9 seconds and the Spider only hits the limiter at a good 330 km/h. Speaking of the limiter: It only intervenes at engine speeds of 8500 rpm, until then the V6 is supposed to deliver a powerful sound spectacle that does every Ferrari V12 credit.

Ferrari 296 GTS

Ferrari 296 GTS Price

For those who like to take the Ferrari 296 GTS (2022) not only on country roads but also on the race track, Maranello created the Assetto Fiorano for them. The tougher model attracts with special paint, Multimatic shock absorbers, a carbon fiber front lip, and various lightweight construction measures.

Ferrari writes 1540 kilograms curb weight in the datasheet. Both the Ferrari 296 GTS (2022) and the Assetto Fiorano are likely to be rather prohibitively priced. The factory has not yet officially commented on this, but the Spider should cost more than the coupe, which costs around 267,000 euros.

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