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Everrati Ford GT40 EV: 1960s sports car with a 21st century electric heart

The Everrati company, which specialized in the conversion of classic cars into electric cars, has presented its zero-emission reinterpretation of the legendary Ford GT40, a model that in the 1960s allowed the blue oval firm to triumph over the almighty Ferrari in the 24 hours of Le Mans. However, the numbers of the award-winning original model pale in comparison to the specifications of its modern remake.

With 812 hp (597 kW) of power and 800 Nm of torque, the new model is capable of completing 0 to 100 km/h “well below 4 seconds”. Following the philosophy applied 60 years ago by Ford technicians, Everrati has prioritized lightness over other aspects, which is why its batteries have a capacity of “only” 60 kWh.

Thanks to this, it announces a weight of just 1,320 kg, a very good figure for an electric car of these characteristics. The pack is liquid-cooled, while the vehicle’s electrical architecture is 700 volts. This will allow it to deliver a good level of performance even in demanding track conditions.

The estimated autonomy is more than 201 km. In addition, it should be able to charge at a maximum power of 80 kW in direct current, going from 20 to 80% charge in 45 minutes. Thanks to an optimal distribution of the mechanical organs, it slightly improves the weight distribution of the original model, which went from 38/62 to 40/60.

Everrati Ford GT40 EV

The Everrati Ford GT40 EV offers a range of 201 kilometers

Thus, the battery pack is divided into two modules, each of them located on the side sills of the chassis. The rest of the elements are located in the engine compartment, located just behind the seats. Thanks to the use of a subframe, the electric motor is placed in the same place as the transmission output in the original model.

Everrati Ford GT40 EV

If the driver chooses the Race Mode, he will be able to select virtual gears as if it were a manual car, a solution that seeks to evoke the operation of a classic car. In the same line, it will have two sound generators that will imitate the roar of an exhaust system synchronized with the “gear changes”.

Even though at a mechanical level it has nothing to do with the GT40 with a V8 engine, the Everrati version respects its aesthetics to the maximum, being practically impossible to differentiate them except for small details that reveal it as a zero-emission model (without going any further). , no escape tails).

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