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Elon Musk announces a price drop at Tesla

It is one of the most listened to news on every radio station, television news, or digital magazine. Inflation has been skyrocketing for months. The market situation is unstable, and the final consumer is the most affected by the growth in the price of consumer goods. Tesla has been forced to raise the price of its cars repeatedly over the past few months, which many buyers have not liked. To calm the situation,  Elon Musk has announced a price drop, although it will have to be once inflation has eased.

No one can give an exact time frame of when such an event is going to occur. Currently, prices are only going up given the high cost of energy and transport. International conflicts and the slowdown in the growth of superpowers such as Europe, China, and the United States are irremediably leading to a very difficult situation. The price of life has skyrocketed in recent months: not only do we notice it when filling the shopping cart, but also when buying a car.

Tesla has always stood out for its adjusted prices. The access range; of the Model 3 and Tesla Model Y are the best in their category. The best electrics by price, although in recent months the price has only grown and grown. Not only has Tesla had to raise prices, but all brands have also been forced to do so to a greater or lesser extent due to supply problems. In the case of the American company, the main problem is the cost of materials for manufacturing. of the batteries.

An increase of more than 10% has partially set the pace of deliveries in the first half. In the second quarter of the year, deliveries have partially fallen, mainly due to stoppages at the Shanghai plant, but also because fewer customers can access the brand given the price increase.

Tesla charger

Given this situation, different users have asked the American tycoon when a price drop is expected, to which Elon Musk has answered very clearly: “when inflation relaxes, we can lower the price of cars”. Something completely logical, the key question would be: When will it happen? It won’t be soon, that’s for sure. The end of the year and the beginning of the next one look very bad for the world economy, so it will still take a long time to see a decrease in the price of cars, not only those of Tesla. Another good question would be: Will they return to their original figures? We doubt it.

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