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ECO loans, an interesting (and accessible) solution to buy an electric car

Dealing with the purchase of an electric car, which is more expensive than a combustion one, can be something inaccessible for many people. However, financing formulas such as ECO loans offer advantageous conditions that facilitate the acquisition.

In recent years, the electric cars They have conquered our roads, offering a more sustainable and efficient form of transport.

However, its higher price compared to conventional vehicles has been a hurdle for many people. This has created a gap between those who wish to adopt more environmentally friendly technologies and their economic capacity to do so.

The ECO loans are presented as one innovative solution to address the challenge of the affordability of electric cars.

These loans are specifically designed for finance the purchase of electric vehicles and offer favorable terms and conditions for applicants. By opting for an ECO loan, you can obtain the necessary capital to acquire the electric car of your dreams without having to face an overwhelming financial burden.

Buying an electric car is easier with an ECO loan from Oney. Image: Freepik

Let’s take as an example what you want apply for a loan at Oneya financing provider with 20 years of experience that has eight million customers throughout Europe (1.5 million in Spain) and works with renowned companies such as Alcampo, Leroy Merlin, Worten and many more.

You have already chosen your electric car and you need a loan of 20,000 euros to be paid in 48 installments to purchase it. The Oney ECO loan has no origination fee and offers a interest of 5.45% TIN and 5.59% APR.

This, translated into figures, becomes a first installment of 464.86 euros and 47 remaining installments of 464.67 euros.

Advantages of ECO loans for electric cars

As you have seen, the main advantage of ECO loans is that they have lower interest rates compared to traditional loans.

This means that you can benefit from more affordable monthly payments and a lighter financial burden over time.

In addition, some ECO loans may also offer grace periods or flexible repayment terms, giving you still more flexibility when it comes to meeting your financial obligations.

In the specific case of Oney, the process is completely online and you only need to do it from a device with a camera. In addition, it is very fast, and you will be able to finish all the procedures related to the application process in less than 4 minutes. You will then receive an equally agile response from Oney.

Contributing to the environment and saving money in the long run

By choosing an ECO loan to buy an electric car, you are not only making your desire to own a more sustainable vehicle come truebut you are also contributing to the reduction of polluting emissions.

If you also finance your new electric car with Oney, you are contributing in a special way, since each ECO loan signed with them equivalent to planting a tree and, incidentally, you support their eco-sustainable projects.

With Oney, the entire financing process is fast and comfortable. Image. freepik

Another advantage is that electric cars are known to have lower maintenance costs and require fewer visits to mechanic shops compared to internal combustion vehicles.

This means that, in the long run, you could save money on repairs and operating expenseswhich would further compensate the initial investment.

Would you like to switch to an electric car, but are you worried that you cannot afford the cost? Then give ECO loans a chance and your dream of buy a sustainable vehicle will be closer.

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