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Dacia Jogger E-Tech 2023: the new cheap hybrid crossover

On 2023, Dacia will commercialize the unpublished Jogger E-Tech, a vehicle, according to the Romanian firm, which will have the honor of being the family with hybrid technology cheaper in our continent, an announcement made during the official presentation of the new model a few weeks ago.

The E-Tech hybrid technology from the Renault Group, already implemented in several of its models in non-rechargeable version or plug-in version, will also give life to the new and interesting version of the Dacia Jogger. However, in recent weeks it has been possible to announce some of the new details and specifications that will include the evolution of this technology.

One of the main keys in the new evolution of the E-Tech hybrid technology from Renaul Groupt will be the incorporation of a newly developed 1.8-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine and of Atkinson cycle which promises to be somewhat more efficient and with a higher performance than the thermal engine that currently incorporates this hybrid technology, in this case, another naturally aspirated gasoline engine with 1.6 liters of displacement.

Dacia Jogger E-Tech 2023

According to technical managers of the Renault Group itself, the increase in displacement thus allows the change to the Atkinson cycle, which will allow a better system efficiency without loss of power. Numerous optimizations will be carried out, in particular to reduce manufacturing costs (essential in the case of Dacia to continue to market vehicles with adjusted prices).

This new evolution of the E-Tech hybrid technology with the new 1.8 (HR18) engine will arrive in 2023 at the Dacia Jogger, according to statements made by Gilles le Borgne, Engineering Director of the Renault group, to the French media. This revamped 1.8 (HR18) powered E-Tech system will also be adopted on other Alliance models, such as the Renault Clio and Captur renewed in 2023, New generation Dacia Duster in 2024 and in the unpublished Dacia Bigster from 2025Vehicles, all of them technically developed under the production methods of the CMF-B modular platform.

In the case of Jogger E-Tech 2023, surely that the version that will incorporate this family crossover will be a hybrid of the self-recharging type, that is, without the possibility of being able to connect it to an external electrical network.

The interior of the Dacia Jogger

In parallel, the Renault Group would also be working on the clutchless transmission management optimization (with new internal identification code DB35), as well as in another series of functions and techniques to try to reduce the total cost of the system as much as possible, according to Gilles le Borgne himself.


In the headquarters of the Renault Group, more specifically in the respective engineering departments, they would also be finalizing all the details for the new evolution of E-Tech technology in its plug-in or plug-in variant, more specifically for those medium and large models belonging to segments C and D.

In this case, the development of a new 1.2 turbo petrol engine, which would be one of the cornerstones of the new plug-in hybrid E-Tech technology, an evolution that could count on different power levels (from 200 to 280 hp) and that could become a reality in the new mid-size SUV (segment C) that Renault is developing, a vehicle that would ultimately not be called Kadjar and whose official name has not yet been known.

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