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Dacia Jogger 2022: The cheapest family car on the market

You can now enjoy the new Dacia Jogger 2022, the cheapest family car at the moment, from 5 euros a day. Here you have all the keys.

If you need a spacious car and you don’t have a very high budget to buy a new vehicle, perhaps the Dacia Jogger 2022 can meet your expectations.

The Romanian firm of the Renault Group offers the new Jogger 2022 in our country with an interesting promotion: from 5 euros a day! This amount is the reference for the version with an interior configuration with five seats; now, if you need two extra seats, that is, the 7-seater variant, in this case, you can drive it from 6 euros a day!

If you access this very interesting promotion, Dacia assures you that you will take a Jogger with more than complete equipment and with prioritized delivery already available.

The announcement of this special commercial action is a preview before the so-called Dacia Jogger Days, which will take place in the brand’s official dealer network in our country. These Dacia Jogger Days will take place between March 28 and April 2. All those customers who register during the Dacia Jogger Days and place their order before April 30, will be entered into a draw, where they can win an unforgettable adventure weekend for the whole family aboard Jogger.

Dacia Jogger 2022


With just a few weeks of marketing, this model already accumulates in our country more than 2,000 formalized purchase orders. Thanks to its three rows of seats inside, the new Jogger can accommodate up to 7 adults in its cabin. According to Dacia, this vehicle has been designed under the “Swiss Army Knife” concept, that is, with a multitude of practical and functional solutions that make the tasks of its occupants easier.

Available with up to 52 possible configurations, the two engines that can be chosen at the moment are three-cylinder. One of them is gasoline and is officially called TCe 110 CV; the other propellant receives the commercial name of ECO-G 100 and is of the bi-fuel type, that is, it can work with both gasoline and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Dacia Jogger 2022 interior

Later, the mechanical range of this family vehicle will be completed with the arrival of a self-recharging hybrid version (or not plugged into the electrical network) with an operation and a technical scheme similar to that of the Renault Clio E-Tech utility. The estimated maximum power for this E-Tech version of the Jogger will be around 140 hp.

The generous cargo volume in the trunk of the Jogger is another of its great assets, with a capacity that starts at 708 liters for the five-seat versions and from 565 liters for the seven-seater variants.

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