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Dacia Duster 2023: Becoming more modern than ever

The Dacia Duster will enter the third round in 2023. We assess whether the Duster Comfort will continue to be available at an attractive price, as well as the prospects of an automatic version.

The Romanian low-budget SUV Dacia Duster should remain one of the top sellers in the Renault Group beyond 2023. The main argument for the Duster will also be the low price in the third generation. But the SUV, which is around 4.40 meters long, is evolving – including in terms of design. Our illustrations pick up many details of the Bigster study.

The central stylistic element is the new Dacia logo, which is flanked by flat headlights with a distinctive light signature. Advantage SUV: Unpainted add-on parts not only lower the price but also make the Duster appear robust. Like all future Dacias, the Duster will also be based on the CMF-B Group platform (Common Modular Platform).

There will not be a fully electric version of the Duster, but a hybrid is possible – for example, the adaptation of the 143 hp (105 kW) full hybrid drive of the Renault Clio. Onboard the E-Tech Hybrid 145 as standard: a multimode transmission that can be operated like an automatic.

Whether Dacia brings the hybrid depends not least on the political requirements. At the latest with the introduction of the Euro 7 emissions standard, the hybrid duster is very likely.

Dacia Duster 2023

Instead of a diesel, the Dacia Duster 2023 will probably have an LPG version, as in other Dacia series. In the new Jogger, the 1.0-liter three-cylinder in the Eco-G has 100 hp (74 kW). It is unclear whether Dacia will stick to the staggering of the equipment.

Particularly popular: is the comfort version, which is equipped with air conditioning and cruise control, among other things. Anyone who can do without such conveniences can currently get the Duster as Access at a price starting at 12,700 euros (as of April 2022). Given rising prices in many sectors, this will be a very ambitious goal for the upcoming Dacia Duster 2023.

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