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Dacia Duster 2022: this is how the king of cheap SUVs

Besides of unreleased Jogger announced a few weeks ago, another of the Dacia’s main novelties for 2022 will correspond to the slight update range of one of its flagship vehicles, the Duster.

In this makeover of the king of cheap SUVs in our continent, several are the outstanding novelties. In the first place and according to markets, the different dealers from the different European countries will welcome the new special edition Extrème del Duster, with more equipment items available as standard, a version that will in turn start from the well-known Prestige equipment level.

On the other hand, the Duster 2022, like the rest of the models of the Romanian brand of the Renault Group, will adopt the new logo of the company, a clearly visible emblem on the front grille, on the tailgate later this year and in the central area of ​​the steering wheel. This notorious change of identity will also go hand in hand with the notorious change in image that the brand’s dealerships will be adopting in our continent, where the new emblem and the much more modern brand lettering will try to attract the attention of potential customers.

The Dacia Duster 2022 should incorporate the new logo of the brand on the back
The Dacia Duster 2022 should incorporate the new logo of the brand on the back

On a mechanical level, no relevant change is expected in the commercial offer of this low-cost SUV, being able to choose the following engines: in gasoline, the TCe 130 4×2 variants with manual transmission and TCe 150 4×2 with EDC6 automatic transmission; in diesel, the versions 1.5 Blue dCi 4×2 115 hp and 1.5 Blue dCi 4×4 (both with six-speed manual transmission); and thirdly, the ECO G bi-fuel version of gasoline and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), with 100 HP of power, front-wheel drive, six-speed manual transmission and ECO environmental label from the DGT.


The next update of this SUV-type vehicle will be on sale for at least two more years (until 2024), at which time it is initially planned that the third and new generation of this already popular model.

East Third-generation Duster will not incorporate diesel engines and will be the first in the series to offer a version with E-Tech hybrid technology in its mechanical range. (not plug-in) from the Renault Group. From a technical point of view, it will be developed on the Alliance’s CMF-B platform. Regarding its design, in past information we already anticipate that it will reinforce its off-road image, something that seems to become a reality in the final production model.

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