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Cupra UrbanRebel: Radical and fully functional

The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept is a conceptual electric car that anticipates a production model that the Spanish brand is preparing for the year 2025. There are no data on its autonomy, but it announces 340 horsepower expandable to 435 in short periods of driving. Its radical aerodynamics will disappear in the series model, while the power will be lower than that of the prototype.

The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept anticipates the design language that a car that Cupra plans to introduce in 2025 will follow, although it does so with a racing car appearance – there is its rear wing – that will not be preserved in the final model. It is also a fully functional prototype, as can be seen in the following video:

It is known that Cupra is working on an access car for 2025 that will share a segment with the Volkswagen Polo and the Seat Ibiza, so, likely, we are precisely facing this same project. It could also be related to an electric Seat planned for the same year.

If it is the new Access Cupra, it will also be related to the Volkswagen ID.2. Both will start from the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group.


Cupra UrbanRebel

The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept measures 4.08 meters long, 1.79 meters wide, and 1.44 meters high.

This would make it a worthy successor to the Seat Ibiza – the Cupra is one centimeter longer and one centimeter wider – giving credibility to the fact that we are facing the brand’s future access model.

It has already transpired that it will be built on the MEB platform, the same one that we find in the current Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4.

Some elements are more representative of Cupra’s sportiness than a true image of the final car. The same brand explains that its rear spoiler is “a nod to racing in the virtual world.”

The design of the front end is an evolution of the lines of the Cupra Tavascan, thus outlining the aesthetics that the vehicles of the future will follow.

Cupra UrbanRebel

Cupra UrbanRebel Interior

The only images of the interior of the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept are those shown in the video in which the prototype is seen in motion. Note the presence of a bucket seat, anti-roll bars, and a racing steering wheel. Logically none of these elements will reach the future series model.


The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept delivers 340 horsepower, but exceptionally it can display 435 horsepower for a few seconds. Presumably, these figures are lower for the production car.

It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds, but its top speed is still unknown.

The brand has also not confirmed how many engines it will have, but here the precedents of the Volkswagen Group – the GTX of the ID family – invite us to think that it will have two, one for each axle.

Cupra UrbanRebel Price

The Cupra UrbanRebel Concept is a conceptual vehicle, so its eventual commercialization is not planned. However, the series car that derives from it is expected to start at around 25,000 euros, 5,000 more than Volkswagen’s access electric model.

Cupra wants to place both this car and the brand in general as an option halfway between the general and the ‘premium’.

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