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Cupra UrbanRebel: The new electric urban car

With the new Cupra UrbanRebel, the brand will launch a frontal attack on one of the segments that will grow the most shortly, that of the 100% electric citizen.

With very contained dimensions, of only 4.03 meters, by 4.32 m. of the current Cupra Born, the new UrbanRebel promises record habitability and the dynamism that is intrinsic in the DNA of each Cupra model, always in a lower segment than that of the aforementioned Born.

Designed and developed in Barcelona under the VW Group’s MEB front-wheel-drive platform, its clear objective is to be an emotional high-performance urbanite, as it will have powers of up to 226 hp (166 kW), a performance capable of launching the new Cupra UrbanRebel from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds. Without forgetting efficiency, especially in the Range version that announces autonomy around 440 km. Until later we will not have more performance data or battery capacities.

Inside, ecological, sustainable materials and others manufactured from 3D printing with parametric design are used, which will improve performance and perceived quality.

Cupra UrbanRebel

In the words of Werner Tietz, Vice President of Research and Development for the brand: “ The Cupra UrbanRebel will be our company’s biggest project in the coming years, as it is key to our transformation into a fully electric brand. We are leading the development of the family of vehicles that will democratize sustainable urban mobility, for different brands within the Volkswagen Group .”

How could it be otherwise, the future of Cupra moves towards electric mobility, but before that, the Spanish brand has prepared some surprises for us with thermal engines and a new generation of plug-in hybrid propulsion systems that will offer around 100 kilometers of range in purely electric driving mode.

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