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Citroën promises that its next electric cars will have a “very aggressive” price

OK Pierre Leclercqhead of Citroën design, the future electric cars of the French firm will have “aggressive” rates to gain a foothold in the entry-level segment, where brands such as Dacia or MG currently reign with relatively affordable proposals such as the Spring or the MG4 Electric.

Leclercq explains that the company’s smaller models will have “cool” designs to appeal to a broader customer base. His new aesthetic language will be inspired by the Oli prototype [äll-e], revealed last year. However, each vehicle in the range will have its own personality. “We are trying not to make cars that have the Russian doll effect”.

The stylist believes that the prices of its upcoming electric cars will give the manufacturer “a huge advantage”, without specifying a specific fork. «We conceived them to bring them with a really aggressive price target. I think it will be a great, great advantage for a brand like Citroën. As premium brands look to become more premium, [hay] some people who don’t have that kind of money to buy a car.

We have great products coming out soon that I think are really cool in terms of design. It will be great. The prices are going to be very aggressive. We can only be proud of having done it. So, I believe we have an important role to play in the automotive industry in the coming years.«.

Citroen Oli

Citroën will bet on affordable electric cars

One of the strategies to save costs will be the replacement of the infotainment system with an app for our smartphone, which can be attached to a support located on the dashboard. This solution has already been explored precisely by Dacia. “When you think about it, what do people want? You want the best experience on board. You live with your phone all day. So the closer we get [en un automóvil] to what we have on our phone, the better. You should have what you have on your phone«.

Citroën’s director of product and strategy, laurence hansenapostille: “Citroën loves to challenge industry norms. The average sale price for a car in Europe is 25,000 euros today. what[Creemos] really that people will be able to invest more tomorrow? We need to do something. With the economic crisis that may come in six months, how will you manage? If you don’t have a car, you don’t have a life.

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