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Citroen C5 Aircross will arrive as an electric SUV in 2025

Citroen C5 Aircross may appear electric in 2025. The discontinuation of the project would be due, apparently, to the fact that its dimensions would be too close to those of the future C3 Aircross (which will grow to 4.30 meters) and the C5 Aircross (4.50 meters).

Now, it has been confirmed that this latest model will be replaced by a new electric SUV. Like its predecessor, which was launched on the market in 2017, the new SUV will be manufactured at the plant owned by the Stellantis group in Rennes (France). Everything seems to indicate that it will be one of the first vehicles of the conglomerate to make use of the STLA Medium platform.

The STLA Medium architecture will cover segments C (compact), D (family), and E (executive); that is, it will be used in vehicles between 4.35 and 5 meters. Its batteries will be between 87 and 104 kWh, while its maximum autonomy will be 700 km WLTP. It will also be able to equip two types of electric drive modules: one between 170 hp (125 kW) and 245 hp (180 kW) and another between 204 hp (150 kW) and 449 hp (330 kW).

The assignment of this model to Rennes has been confirmed by the CFE-CGC union. Didier Picard, secretary of the section, affirms that the project, known internally by the CR3 code, “opens up a horizon of activity beyond the year 2025”, ensuring the future of the Breton plant during the years of transition to electric mobility.

Citroen C5 Aircross 2025

The Rennes plant will be responsible for manufacturing the new Citroën C5 Aircross

Rennes will receive an investment of 152 million euros to host the production of the new electric SUV. These facilities are also responsible for producing the Peugeot 5008, another model that will be replaced in the short term (in principle, its third generation, developed in parallel to the new 3008, will see the light throughout the year 2023).

The Force Ouvrière union has received the news enthusiastically. “It’s a great breath of fresh air that feels good. This decision is synonymous with sustainability for the site and, therefore, with the maintenance of jobs. This long-awaited announcement also marks the end of uncertainty, in a context of very significant short hours due to the semiconductor crisis.

Citroen C5 Aircross 2025

The Independent Automobile Union for its part affirms that the assignment of this project is “a victory for the employees of Rennes”, making clear the great hopes that are deposited in the new electric model. “This new platform, capable of supporting electric and hybrid vehicles, further strengthens the sustainability of the site’s activity, as it will make the plant versatile for other vehicles of the future. “


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