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Caught! This is the new FIAT 600, an electric SUV derived from the Jeep Avenger

Although its official presentation has not yet taken place, the new FIAT 600 it has already started rolling completely uncamouflaged on German roads. The smallest SUV of the Italian firm has been seen in all its splendor thanks to a spy photo that reveals some of its stylistic keys.

Although its aesthetics will be broadly an evolution of the main lines of the 500Xwhich it is called to replace (something that is noticeable both in the profile and especially in the rear), the 600 will have nothing to do with its predecessor from a technical point of view, since it will use the CMP/eCMP platform from PSA instead of the Small Wide 4×4 from FCA.

This architecture will allow it to have 100% electric versions, which will combine a 156 PS (115 kW) and 260 Nm with a pack of 54 gross kWh (51 useful kWh) made up of NCM 811 cells (80% nickel, 10% cobalt and 10% manganese). The propellant will be supplied by Emotors (a joint venture between the Stellantis group and Nidec) and the batteries by CATL.

Its autonomy will exceed 400km WLTP. As for the load, it can reach a maximum of 11 kW in alternating current and 100 kW in direct current (20-80% in less than 30 minutes). Although initially it will only be available with front-wheel drive, it is possible that the range will later be enriched with an all-wheel drive Abarth variant.

FIAT 600

The FIAT 600 will be presented during the spring

The FIAT 600 will measure approximately 4.10 meters long, making it one of the smallest B-SUVs on the European scene, although this will not prevent it from enjoying a relatively large trunk. It will be manufactured in Tychy (Poland)where the Jeep Avenger is also assembled, with which it has shared development (both derive in turn from the DS 3 and Opel Mokka).

Like the electric 500, the newcomer will have headlights divided into two separate modules; besides, it will display the “600” insignia both on the front and on the heels. Like his little brother, he will have numerous customization options, including a possible canvas roof as an alternative to the typical panoramic glass roof.

The passenger compartment will have a round digital instrumentation, a touch screen in landscape format and a plastic trim painted in the same color as the bodyworkan element that will give it a retro and casual touch.

Source | Tiscali

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