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Cadillac Celestiq finally in sight in prototype form

After a trickle of teasers and detailed images, we finally see the Cadillac Celestiq raw. Thus, in capital letters, since it is a prototype and everything goes here. The production version that we will see next year is going to look a lot like this model, they will change what is necessary for legal or technical reasons. Cadillac’s flagship will be a sedan, as it is the configuration that “offers the best luxury experience. “

We don’t have any technical data about him. The press release talks about design details and influences that have been taken from the world of architecture or the glorious past of Cadillac, which to be fair, is very far away in time. But the Cadillac Celestiq wants to compete with the most luxurious offers in the sector, such as the Mercedes-Benz EQS or BMW i7.

To begin with, it will be another very low-production electric car, at the moment the usual in General Motors, specifically, it will be made in the General Motors Global Technical Center in Warren (Michigan). There will be few units, very personalized, and very expensive. To learn more about the car we will have to wait a few months, it is still in the process of development.

There are some details of its technology that we already know. The interior will be lined with screens, up to 55 inches of display, where the driver and passenger will be able to see different things. Those who opt for a Lyriq will be able to opt for the Ultra Cruise semi-autonomous driving system, we do not know if “free” (it would be paid with the car) or through a subscription.

Cadillac Celestiq

On the other hand, the ceiling has glass with electronically controlled suspended particles. This means that the glass can have different degrees of opacity, either to let light into the middle of Manhattan in winter or to shelter Lorenzo’s heads in the middle of the Los Angeles boulevard in summer. The designers have sought a connection between driver and car through the senses.

In their day, V12 engines -there were V16s- were the pinnacle of mechanical smoothness and power, but that is much better with electric motors. Cadillac claims to have recovered the best of its past with this prototype. It will not be a sales success, there will be few, but it will certainly help to update Cadillac’s image a bit. By 2030 all the brand’s cars will be electric.

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