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BYD aims to sell 3.6 million cars this year

While some struggle to get rid of hundreds of thousands of units of gasoline cars that they fail to sell, others like the Chinese BYD have gone direct and are heading towards 2023 where sales of their electric and plug-in hybrid cars will achieve stratospheric figures.

This has been confirmed by Wang Chuanfu, president of BYD, who in a meeting with investors has indicated that this year the sales of its electrified models will reach record numbers again.

And it is that last year, BYD managed to reach 1.86 million units produced, which has meant a growth of no less than 213% compared to 2021. A number that this year they aspire to leave small again.

Mr. Chuanfu has indicated that the expectations for this exercise are to achieve at least the 3 million units, aspiring to reach 3.6 million.

If this last figure is achieved, it would mean that BYD would become the first car manufacturer in China taking into account all technologies, and breaking the record currently held by the FAW-Volkswagen alliance, with 2.16 million units. Some figures that will also mean increase BYD deliveries by 93%.

These figures also BYD will be promoted to the Top 10 of global manufacturerswhere according to last year’s figures it would be almost tied with Ford, ranked eighth with 3.64 million units, and ahead of Suzuki, which last year manufactured 2.87 million cars, and BMW, tenth with 2.3 million units.

Another interesting fact that gives us a sample of BYD’s brilliant rise is that up to 2022, counting all its previous years, it had managed to produce 3.3 million electric cars and plug-in hybrids. A figure that could match only this year’s production, and even exceed it.

A graphic from cnevpost.com

Also important the sales expectations inside and outside China. The Asian giant will continue to be BYD’s fundamental sales pillar, where they hope to place at least 2.8 million. But important to us are the 800,000 units that they expect to sell outside of their marketwith Europe in the crosshairs as it will become its main external priority.

The BYD data also paints a truly surprising scenario for a number of reasons. The Shenzhen brand estimates that Between 8.5 and 9 million electric and plug-in hybrid cars will be sold in China by 2023. Something that would mean a sales quota of between 40 and 45% globally, and with peaks that will exceed 50% in some months.

The BYD Seagull, an affordable electric car that will cost 8,200 euros to change, is filtered

And if we do a simple calculation, taking as a reference the 2.8 million units that BYD expects to sell this year in the Chinese market, it will mean a sales share of electrified models of 31%and just over 10% of total car sales in China throughout the year for the Asian brand.

Something really impressive that also takes place in the middle of the launch of some high-volume models, such as the economical Seagull, which will begin deliveries this month, and which will undoubtedly be one of the leading electric cars this year.

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