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BMW X8 2022: New and exclusive large SUV

In 2022, BMW’s SUV range will welcome the unprecedented X8, a model that will be distinguished by its large size and exclusive equipment. Here is his last hour.

Several automotive blogs and websites from around the world continue to publish spy images of the test prototype of the BMW X8, the new model of the German brand that will be at the top of the SUV offer of this manufacturer.

Despite the different “camouflage” garments in the sighted prototypes (in the image that accompanies this article we offer you a recreation of our illustrator Schulte on how the exterior design of this unpublished X8 could be ), various details of its bodywork, new data that coincide with another series of new unofficial information on its technical characteristics.

The prototypes of the G09 project, the code name of the X8 2022, have been circulating on European roads – in southern Spain, it has also been “hunted” by spy photographers – in recent months. At first glance, according to the snapshots appearing on the Internet, everything indicates that the imposing front grille of the new 4 Series and iX will not be present in the new large SUV, since a somewhat more restrained style but equally marked personality will be chosen.

BMW X8 2022

Regarding the lines that its bodywork could finally adopt, everything indicates that the final production model will incorporate a style more typical of a ” conventional SUV” than an SUV with accentuated coupe lines. What does seem clear is that it will offer more sporty and dynamic details than the X7. Regarding the size and like the X7, the new X8 2022 will easily exceed 5 meters in length.


The new X8 is being developed under the production and tuning methods of the Cluster Architecture (CLAR) platform for large vehicles of the German firm, so it will share technical genes with the X7 and the 7 Series . Regarding the possible mechanical versions and due to the approval of increasingly strict environmental regulations, the new large SUV of the Teutonic firm will have to resort to several plug-in hybrid variants, some of them probably “inherited” from the 5 Series, such as a hypothetical 30e xDrive of about 292 hp and 45e xDrive of about 394 hp.

Finally, some sources of information dare to assure that there will be an X8 M with high-performance plug-in hybrid technology structured based on a new evolution of the 4.4 V8 Biturbo petrol engine that should be combined with one or two electric motors. Preliminary maximum power figures for the hybrid system bring the overall performance of the set to around 760 hp.

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