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BMW X1 2023: This will be its design and first known data

In recent weeks there have been several spy photos of the  BMW X1 2023 that have been seen, and this recreation of Autospias is based on them. This is the third generation of the BMW X1, a model that was born in 2009 on a Mini platform. In 2015 the second generation was born and in 2019 it received a major restyling. Now, this new generation will be in line with the rest of the brand’s models and, among other things, will have a  much larger grille, maintaining the double kidney that identifies the manufacturer.

According to what the spy photos of this new BMW X1 2023 reveal, the small BMW SUV will have a new, larger double kidney grille, although not as oversized as the XM or the 4 Series. On the other hand, at the design level Headlights are also expected to be wider and sharper looking. Regarding the front bumper, the truth is that the camouflage of the units seen in spy photos does not reveal much, but everything indicates that it will have new air intakes on the lateral ends, and in a vertical orientation. If all this is true, the design of the new BMW X1 2023 will indeed be something very similar to what we see in this design recreation.

The 2023 BMW X1 will have a sportier look and be slightly larger

The current BMW X1 maintains dimensions of 4.43 meters long, 1.82 meters wide, and 1.61 meters high. Its length is expected to vary little, but it will be somewhat taller and wider. And in reality, this update in its measurements would have focused on making a larger interior. Especially to take advantage of the space in a better way both in the rear seats and in the trunk capacity.

In addition, although the exterior design is going to be rather continuous in this evolution,  the interior itself will change significantly. The information leaked so far indicates that the BMW X1 2023 will have a  floating format screen that will house, in a single module, both the digital instrument panel and a new multimedia screen. On the other hand, the location of the iDrive controls has been modified, it has been used to offer larger storage space in the central part, and under the console itself, there is another new storage space.

BMW X1 2023

Regarding the mechanical configurations and the engines of the BMW X1 2023, it is expected that there will be several possible options from turbodiesel to mild hybrid gasoline, including at least one plug-in hybrid version. The launch of the electric BMW iX1 and the corresponding high-performance M35i version will also be important. In any case, there is still a lot of information about this new generation of the BMW X1 that is up in the air.

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