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BMW will produce the NEUE KLASSE in China from 2026, and will build a new battery factory

BMW has confirmed that it will produce its next generation of electric cars, dubbed the Neue Klasse, in the Chinese city of Shenyang. A facility that will begin to carry out its production in 2026, and which aims to give a great boost to the electric line in the largest automobile market in the world.

The new electric models will be assembled at the plant of the BMW-Brilliance Automotive alliance. A joint venture with China’s Brilliance China Automotive, a state-owned manufacturer BMW has been working with since 2003.

The German manufacturer began on Thursday the construction of a plant that will mobilize 1,400 million dollars in a first phase, and that will be located in shenyang citywhere in addition to vehicle production lines, a large battery production facility.

The integration of the NEUE KLASSE in China, and the construction of battery factories for the sixth generation of electric cars, are milestones for a BMW that wants by 2030 more than 50% of its global sales will be electric cars.

Currently, the BMW Group produces electronic components and batteries for its electric models at the Dingolfing, Leipzig and Regensburg (Germany) plants as well as at the Shenyang (China) factory.

In the coming years, BMW will add to this list new battery assembly facilities such as the Debrecen (Hungary), San Luis Potosí (Mexico) and Woodruff (United States) which should be joined by a new factory in Germany, which will be in charge of supplying its German electric car plants.

A global commitment that the German brand hopes will allow them to achieve a robust position for a few years where the transformation of the automotive sector will be radical, and where the electric car is taking the sales lists more and more rapidly.

As an example, we can see the growth in sales of this type of BMW vehicle in China, the world engine of the sector, where deliveries have increased by 224% in the first quarter compared to the previous year.

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