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BMW M4 CSL: Premiere planned for May 20th

The top-performance version of the M4 is confirmed. The BMW M4 CSL is to be presented at the end of May. Until then, BMW has already published a few teaser pictures.

It’s official – BMW is building a limited edition M4 CSL that will be more powerful, more expensive, and more exclusive than any M4 available today. It will be unveiled in May and could be on the market before 2023.

  • New BMW M4 CSL officially confirmed
  • Premiere scheduled for May 20th
  • Aggressive new front end
  • Headlights in the style of the M5 CS
  • Classic “ducktail” trunk lid spoiler
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Alternative
  • Power could be increased to 550 hp
  • Restrained interior
  • Limited production run likely
  • Could cost more than €115,000

An all-new BMW M4 CSL will appear soon. The brand has confirmed in a Facebook post that there will be a hardcore version of the M4 soon and has shared images announcing the new vehicle’s design.

The new car will be unveiled at the end of May when BMW celebrates the 50th anniversary of its iconic M tuning division at the prestigious Villa d’Este. The finished CSL is expected to hit the market before 2023.

Teaser images and design

The two teaser images don’t give much away, but they show that the new M4 CSL will inherit the yellow-tinted daytime running lights of the ultra-exclusive BMW M5 CS. There’s also a new bumper with wider carbon-fiber slats in front of the front wheels and a low-level splitter.


The BMW bonnet of the new vehicle has also been revised to mark the 50th anniversary and has been given a new ring of colorful retro graphics.

It looks like BMW has resisted the temptation to give the new M4 CSL a massive rear wing like those found on the Porsche 911 GT3 and Alfa Romeo Giulia GTAm. Instead, there is a subtle ducktail spoiler with small carbon reinforcements on the trunk lid…

Even if it cannot be seen in the atmospheric teaser image, one can assume that BMW has aerodynamically revised the rear bumper of the M4 for this special CSL version.

The new CSL-specific modifications can be seen even better in these photos of an M4 CSL prototype being tested on the road.

The large, goatee-shaped grilles are similar in shape to those of the production car but feature new, elbow-shaped louvers at the top instead of the flat bars.

The changes on the sides of the new M4 CSL are more difficult to spot – especially on this prototype. You can bet the finished car will feature a set of CSL-exclusive alloy wheels and possibly some special retro paintwork.

The ducktail spoiler of the new vehicle is particularly visible in these photos. The camouflaged brake lights could also have a new design to denote this special limited CSL model.

BMW M4 CSL spyshot

Engines and performance

The BMW M4 CSL will be fitted with the same 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine as the standard M4 and M4 Competition, but it’ll certainly get a decent boost in power to match the sporty bodywork to justify upgrades.

The current M4 Competition has 510 hp and 650 Nm of torque. The upcoming CSL could have more than 550 hp and 700 Nm.

Though the BMW M4 is also available with an all-wheel drive, the CSL will likely be rear-wheel drive-based to save weight and reassure the purists.

BMW isn’t expected to offer the CSL with the six-speed manual you can get in versions of the standard M4. That said, the M4 Competition’s eight-speed automatic transmission is a truly impressive piece of equipment, so you shouldn’t feel too disadvantaged.

Chassis and interior

No BMW M special model is complete without a few race-inspired weight reduction measures and chassis improvements. Expect the new car to come with extra bracing (possibly in the form of a roll cage), harder tires, and a thoroughly revised suspension package.

The current BMW M4 Competition weighs 1,800 kg, but the weight could drop below 1,700 kg for the CSL.

BMW isn’t just going to take something away – it’ll likely include additional, suede-like Alcantara trim for the CSL, along with (possibly) new lightweight sport seats.

BMW M4 CSL: prices and the start of sales

BMW is celebrating the 50th birthday of its M division at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este 2022 at the end of May – what better occasion to present the M4 CSL.

Prices will likely skyrocket compared to the regular M4 as it will almost certainly be a limited edition. Expect a price of over 115,000 euros if you want to acquire this new track-oriented sports coupe. Photos; Autobild

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