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The BMW i7 will have 700 kilometers of autonomy

Next year, BMW will launch the electric version of the 7 Series, its representative saloon (segment F). This model, whose commercial name will be BMW i7, will have to compete against the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which in recent times has become one of the references in the sector thanks to its 784 km WLTP of autonomy.

According to a report published by the German press, the BMW i7 will approve a maximum range of about 700 km WLTP thanks to the use of a battery pack of 120 kWh capacity. An 80 kWh variant is also expected to be marketed, which will see its range reduced to 500 km WLTP.

Based on the CLAR modular platform, the same that we can find in the iX3, i4, and iX, the new model will have a powertrain made up of three electric motors in its top-of-the-range version. This “tri-motor” configuration (one on the front axle, two on the rear) will allow it to become the most powerful 7 Series in the range.

This variant will probably sport the insignia of M (Motorsport), BMW’s racing division, so it will have to stand up to the AMG versions of the EQS. Initially, the launch of the BMW i7 will take place in spring 2022, while the first deliveries will take place before the end of the year.

BMW i7

The BMW i7 will be presented in spring 2022

From an aesthetic point of view, the Series 7 and i7 will be practically identical. Thus, the electric will be differentiated using a blind grille, specific design bumpers, aerodynamic wheels, a diffuser, and various blue ornaments that will decorate its body (edge ​​of the grill and diffuser, etc.).

Inside, the domed instrumentation and separate touch screen will give way to a curved display similar to the one found on the i4 and iX. As for the equipment, it is expected that the new model will have all the technological advances recently released by the iX, which will also arrive a year later on the i5. Photo; Automoto

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