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BMW 3 Series 2022: the renewal of the G20 almost ready

The new 3 Series, a vital model for BMW, will arrive in 2022. The saloon begins its final phase of testing and we will tell you what it will bring compared to the previous model.

There is a new Series 3 on the horizon. Presented its G20 generation during autumn 2018, now is the time for its first restyling, which BMW will use to add more appeal to the saloon … especially considering that Mercedes has just renewed its great rival, the C-Class 2021. There will be more and better Series 3 therefore, as nothing else can be expected.

For now, the new BMW 3 Series has already been seen in illustrations on the Internet, as shown by our colleagues at Kolesa.ru and various BMW forums on Instagram. Filtered the first images, therefore, there is no doubt that we can already get a good idea of ​​how it will be updated.


Outwardly, as you can see, the changes will be minor. The front and rear optics, the exhausts, and some of its lines, including the front grille, are reviewed as usual. However, here BMW does not opt ​​for its huge mouth inaugurated in the X7. No, the brand has already made it clear in the redesigned X3 and X4, in addition to the future Series 2 Coupé, that not all its models will adopt that new oversized grille, but will bet, like this Series 3, at a more reasonable size. 

BMW 3 Series 2022

Inside, however, further evolution is planned in the new BMW 3 Series. The usual dashboard of the saloon will be abandoned in favor of the new double screen that has already been shown, for example, the i4 Gran Coupé. The number of finishes and options could also be significantly reduced, to form, as the new X3 and X4 have already announced, a more compact and clearer range. Of course, the entry-level promises to be better equipped now, although that will mean a price increase compared to the current model.

There will be innovations in mechanics

Regarding the engines, the new 3 Series should not experience great news, if we pay attention to what was already announced in the updates of the X3 and X4. Probably, the main novelty will be the arrival of 48V micro-hybridization to gasoline engines, which are currently 100% thermal. It would include versions of between 184 and 340 horsepower. Until now, only the six-cylinder in the M340i xDrive benefited from this technology, which was also already integrated into the entire 3 Series diesel range.

For their part, the 320 and 330 plug-in hybrids should also remain in the catalog, of course, possibly increasing their electric autonomy thanks to the use of a new battery with more capacity: thus they should now clearly exceed 50 zero-emission kilometers. In a little less than a year, we will have all the official confirmation.

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