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Audi Q9 Everything we know about the brand’s new great SUV

The hypothetical and unprecedented Audi Q9 could become a reality in the short term future, a large SUV that should incorporate the most cutting-edge technological solutions of the German brand.

Audi’s range of SUV-type vehicles could welcome a new member, the “older brother” of all, a model called to be the most exclusive and technological of those offered by the German firm with this bodywork. The code name, following the official nomenclature of the brand with the four rings, should be Q9 and it would be one step above the Q7 and Q8.

During the last few months, there have been several rumors and unofficial information that have been leaked about a new and unprecedented SUV of a mammoth size from the Ingolstadt manufacturer. Some sources assure that the prototype sighted during the last days on German highways and on the roads of Northern Europe belongs to a special version of the Q7 or the Q8 with a long wheelbase and exclusively for the Chinese market (the number 8 in the Asian giant is associated to good luck…). However, other sources assure that it is the new Q 9, which will have to continue its set-up throughout 2022 to definitively debut at the end of that year or the beginning of 2023.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS and the BMW X7X8 would position themselves as direct rivals to the hypothetical Audi Q9. At the design level, the new model should incorporate many of the aesthetic details already seen in the most recent ranges of Audi SUVs (the updated ranges of the Q7 and Q8 together with some other image details inherited from the electric e-Tron ). In the spy photographs published on various websites around the world, certain details can already be guessed about what this mysterious car could be like, a model that should sport a prominent single-frame hexagonal grille flanked by led (or Matrix-type) headlights. Led) thin in a dual configuration in the front area. Already in the rear, some LED-type optical groups should not go unnoticed in a high position and occupy a large part of the horizontal area under the rear windshield.

Audi Q9


As for the interior, it should be marked by the presence of noble, high-quality materials and the latest and most advanced technological gadgets in terms of comfort, navigation, entertainment, and connectivity on board. The large digital screens will be the nerve center of everything that happens in the cabin. As for the configuration of seats, they will have electrical regulation with various positions and the interior could accommodate up to three rows, with a total occupancy that could be for six or seven passengers, depending on versions and depending on the market where this ” giant ” is marketed. SUV ”, a vehicle that could measure around 5.20 meters in length.

From a technical point of view, the starting point should be a new evolution of the VW Group’s MLB Evo platform, that is, the architecture destined for sedans and large SUVs with a longitudinal front engine. In terms of powertrains, the range should probably include at least one plug-in hybrid variant along with other types of 48V mild-hybrid micro-hybrid petrol versions. And what about diesel? This fuel is doomed to general disuse and in its place, the Q9 could offer more than one plug-in hybrid version.

At the moment, this is all that we can tell you about the next and hypothetical Audi Q9 or, who knows, Q7 L or Q8 L. We will keep reporting…

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