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Audi Q5 2023: All the secrets of the new medium SUV

Audi tests the new generation of the Q5 SUV, its best-selling vehicle. Here you have all the secrets of the new model that will probably debut in 2023. The new generation Audi Q5 completes its set-up, according to new spy images and unofficial information that has been published in various motor media around the world.

The third installment of the best-selling SUV from the German firm – this SUV is also the best-selling vehicle in the entire range of the manufacturer with the four rings – will be one of the last new production cars of the German brand to be offered with internal combustion engines. As indicated by various German information sources, the Q5 III is being developed under the latest evolution of the MLB technical platform for vehicles with a longitudinal engine and front-wheel drive from the VW Group (all-wheel drive as an option), so its implementation technical point is taking place almost simultaneously with the new generation of the A4 sedan, whose world debut should take place over the next few months.


Due to the increasingly strict anti-pollution regulations in terms of emissions, customers who opt for the next Audi Q5 will have various versions with some type of electrification at their disposal.

For all these reasons and as entry-level versions, the 48-volt mild-hybrid micro-hybrid system may be associated with both diesel and gasoline versions (the brand’s engineers would be working on a new evolution of the 2.0 gasoline engine four-cylinder TFSI and the corresponding four-cylinder 2.0 TDI diesel engine).

Regarding the plug-in plug-in hybrid variants, the German SUV currently offers the 299 hp 50 TFSIe and 367 hp 55 TFSIe versions, with an approved electric range of 62 kilometers. In all probability, these two plug-in versions can incorporate a higher capacity battery that, together with another series of technical and aerodynamic improvements, could lead to a one hundred percent electric autonomy greater than those 62 kilometers.

Audi Q5 2023

As for a purely electric version that should adopt the name e-Tron, from Germany it is ensured that a specific variant for the European market is also in development since it must be remembered that a Q5 e-Tron has already debuted at the end of 2021 for the Chinese market. In this case, this purely electric variant has been developed under the specific MEB platform for small and medium-sized electric vehicles of the VW Group. At the moment, there is no official confirmation that the “Chinese” Q5 e-Tron lands in Europe since the company could be developing another model for the Old Continent under the PPE (Premium Platform Electric) platform, the same architecture that will be used by the unpublished Porsche e-Macan.

Audi Q5 2023 Design

Illustration by our graphic designer Schulte gets you a little closer to what the final design of the production model could look like. On the other hand, if the spy images and the latest unofficial information published on various specialized websites in the motor world are analyzed, the design keys for it would be the following.

The vehicle being tested looks slightly larger than the current one, a model that measures 4.69 meters in length. Being developed in parallel with the new A4, it is also to be expected that there will be more space available for occupants in the interior, as well as greater cargo capacity in the boot.

Despite the ostentatious camouflage garments present in the exterior design of the “vehicle hunted” by the spy images, the front area of ​​the model seems to adopt more aerodynamic and angular shapes, with vertical air intakes in a somewhat higher position, just below the headlights (which also seem to change their position and appearance). Already in the rear area, it is also possible to expect a redesign in the optical groups and the bumpers.

Regarding the appearance of the interior, several unofficial sources assure that the design and configuration already released in the update of the Audi A8 could have its translation both in this new Q5 and in the next A4.

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