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Audi A4 2022 What will change in (B10)?

In the sedan segment, one of the next and important launches will be the new generation of the Audi A4, a model that will debut many new features.

With the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class, the other great German brand, Audi, has to make a move in the segment of premium mid-size saloons. In the last hours, we have just learned that the signing of the four rings is already immersed in the technical development of the new generation of the A4, whose arrival on European roads is scheduled for 2023.

According to the unofficial information to which we have had access, the new generation of the Audi A4 will be supported by two technical platforms, through which the German saloon will be able to offer hybrid versions and one hundred percent electric. Specifically, the new generation of this model will be developed on a new evolution of the MLB architecture for hybrid models, in addition to being able to use the PPE ( Premium Platform Electric ) platform for exclusively electric variants.

Sources close to the German brand anticipate that the new electric A4 will offer an exterior design very similar to the rest of the range of the German saloon, although yes, with a series of differentiating aesthetic elements such as the absence of ventilation openings in the front grille. (It would be closed) and another series of own aerodynamic additives.

On this new and presumable A4 e-Tron, and like other electric models offered by the Ingolstadt brand, there will be several electric versions depending on the power of the motors and the capacity of the batteries. In keeping with PPE platform standards, the lower-priced A4 e-Tron models will drive the rear wheels, while the higher-tier models will drive all four (two motors, one per axle).

Audi A4 2022

One of the most interesting versions will correspond to the next A4 RS e-Tron, that is to say, the most powerful and sporty variant in a purely electric version, whose total power could slightly exceed 470 hp. On the other hand, a hybrid version (or plug-in hybrid) of about 450 hp is also expected, while the RS versions associated exclusively with combustion engines remain in the air both in the sedan body and in the Avant family.

The new A4 e-Tron and a more than presumable A5 e-Tron will join the electric family of the German firm, currently formed by the models e-Tron GT, e-Tron, e-Tron Sportback, Q4 e -Tron and A6 e-Tron Concept.

On the other hand, the mild-hybrid technology with a 12V or 48V system (depending on the version) will take center stage in the new A4 2022 range, as is the case in the current mechanical range. In this sense, it remains to be confirmed if this micro-hybrid technology will only be combined with TFSI gasoline engines or if it will also be available with TDI diesel engines, the latter with many possibilities that they can disappear in the new generation of the brand’s saloon. Teutonic.

Finally, at the design level, it is expected that the exterior image will follow the line of the latest launches of the brand, although in the recreations of our illustrator Schulte you can already get an idea about what the new model could be like.

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