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Audi A3 2023: Reviews, Photos & All Details

The future generation of the Audi A3 could be one hundred percent electric, as part of the German brand’s strategy of being a purely electric brand.

All car brands already have –or should– have planned their calendars for the next decade. Electrification is already a fact and many of the most important manufacturers have announced their plans to progressively eliminate their vehicles with thermal engines and become one hundred percent electric brands.

In the case of Audi, it will first start by eliminating its cars with gasoline and diesel engines from its production plants in 2026. Later, in 2033, the brand with the four rings will sell only electric vehicles. This will force the Germans to restructure their range of vehicles in the coming years, as well as to sacrifice certain models and bet on those that they consider more profitable.

SUVs will continue to form part and star in a good part of the Audi model portfolio, but there is still room for conventional passenger cars. However, Audi has already started this process of transformation: we have already seen models such as the e-Tron in SUV format, the e-Tron GT in sports saloon format, and the Q4 e-Tron, also an SUV. But there will be more, many more, and that will also bring new modular platforms from the Volkswagen Group to accommodate them, beyond what is currently known as MEB.


The Audi A3 could be one of the key models in this transformation. According to the latest information, it is pointed out that the new generation of the compact model of the German brand will arrive in 2026 or 2027 and that it will do so exclusively in electric format. The latest renewal of the A3 arrived in the spring of 2020, with gasoline, diesel, micro-hybrid, and plug-in hybrid versions; What’s more, in a few months it will launch a new body called All Street or Allroad, just as other models of the house have already done.

Audi A3 2023

As of today, the Audi A3 has, in terms of size, two models below in the range: the A1 and the Q2, two models that could have their days numbered and that will not be renewed for the future. In other words, the future A3 would again become the access model to the range at Audi and would do so based, according to the French media Largus.fr, on the future and new modular architecture of the Volkswagen Group called “Trinity”. The second of the platforms, called “Artemis”, would be intended for larger electric models such as the A8, whose previous concept would respond to the name of Grandsphere.

The first models of the Trinity platform would have been just over four meters long, as confirmed by the CEO of the VAG Group, Herbert Diess, something in which this Audi A3 fits perfectly. The current German compact measures 4.31 meters in its Sportback body, so for its future generation it would lose a little length, but guarantee a spacious interior thanks to the long wheelbase and short overhangs that its electrical mechanics will allow. Grandsphere, Urbansphere and SkysphereThey will be the three future and imminent “concept cars” that Audi will present to us as a preview of its future electric cars: we will be very attentive to the news that comes to us from Ingolstadt in the coming months.

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