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Aston Martin’s electric future could use Mercedes, Lucid or Rimac platform

Aston Martin is developing the future electric model that it will launch in 2025. Today three companies are being considered for the supply of its platform: Mercedes, Lucid, and Rimac.

Aston Martin will launch its first 100% electric model in 2025. A year earlier it will do the same with its first plug-in hybrid model to finally present a range made up entirely of electric models in 2030. This is the main roadmap for the brand, but on what electric platform will the future be based? 2025 model? All signs seem to point to Mercedes, however, there are two other possible brands in the equation. 

A few days ago, Aston Martin presented an investment plan in which they will allocate more than 768 million euros to pay off debts, increase their production levels and increase effective profits in the company. However, although the announcement did not speak directly about the electrification of the range, it will be essential for its achievement, since it will allow the brand to allocate a greater number of integers to this end. 

Currently, the British firm has only confirmed when the first electric will arrive in the company’s range, although not explicitly under what body, as Lawrence Stroll, CEO of Aston Martin, assured that they are currently still defining some future products that have not yet they are clear, so they hope to have an answer for this by the beginning of next year, although he also stated that launching a supercar or a “high-flying” model is among his considerations. 

However, it has been made public that this model will have batteries signed by Britishvolt, who will supply this high-performance component so that future electric models offer “new standards of performance on the track, charging time and autonomy,” according to the statement itself. Stroll in his statements. 

However, which platform this future model will use remains to be decided. As of today, Mercedes could be the most suitable company for this, since Aston Martin models use Mercedes-AMG V8 engines, as well as other elements, so their supply agreement could be extended beyond this and include both the platform and other components that the German firm already has in its electric models. Mercedes currently owns a 9.7% stake in Aston Martin

Aston Martin DB11

A strong candidate to carry out this function could be the next AMG.EA platform that Mercedes is currently developing for its high-performance models, something that was already anticipated a few months ago on the Vision AMG concept model, which is also expected to It will be marketed from the year 2025. This will equip engines developed by the YASA firm, which is based in Oxford, about 60 kilometers from the Aston Martin headquarters in Gaydon. 

However, after a recent investment by the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund (PIF) for which it acquired 16.7% of the company, the company Lucid has also come into play. This is because the PIF also owns a large part of the North American electric car company, in which it invested more than 1,000 million dollars. For this reason, the PIF itself could present a bridge of possible agreements between the two companies and offer an alternative to Aston Martin’s electric future through Lucid’s components.

Lastly, during the announcement of the recent economic investment, Stroll himself also mentioned Rimac as a possible potential partner. Although he did not give more details about it, the plans to launch an electric supercar may have brought agreements between the two brands closer, since Rimac is one of the firms with the most potential on the current scene

Likewise, Aston Martin affirm that although there are ties with other companies in terms of the supply of specific components, “electrification is not only about batteries or engines” , said the manager, to which he added that over the years also they plan to develop “their own capabilities” in this sector. 

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