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Apple Car: a futuristic design for a car that will be autonomous

The project to create the Apple Car dates back to 2014 but has experienced ups and downs throughout this time. It was canceled in 2016, apparently only to be picked up by the company recently. That has motivated designers to re-imagine what the Apple car would look like, with such futuristic approaches as the one carried out by Devanga Borah.

Of the many works in this regard, this is possibly one of the most peculiar, since it imagines the vehicle with a peculiar two-seater, which places a capsule in a central position surrounded by the four wheels.

It sports rounded shapes and the usual white color that characterizes the company’s products, achieving a very clean design that could fit into the company’s catalog.

One of the most outstanding features is that the capsule that serves as the passenger compartment rotates 360 degrees, facing the occupants to facilitate entry. This is done through the front glass, which opens into two sections in a way that could somewhat remind the BMW Isetta, to give rise to only two seats, with no controls of any kind.

Apple Car

This is because it is only a design exercise, but it is also consistent with the nature of the Apple Car since in the latest rumors about it it has been suggested that it could be an autonomous car.

This would be one of the biggest turns within the project. Initially, it was thought to create a conventional electric car to compete directly with Tesla, but it seems that, although its emission-free nature is preserved, the new direction of the project (headed by Kevin Lynch, involved in the development of the Apple Watch) is committed to creating an automated vehicle that dispenses with the steering wheel and pedals.

Apple Car

Given that in theory, the Apple car will not see the light until 2025, by that date autonomous driving technology may have already advanced so much that human intervention is not necessary, although another stumbling block to overcome is legislation. which is far behind the technology.

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