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Alpine SUV: First Details & Photos

Within the ambitious electrification plans of the Renault Group, Alpine will play a fundamental role. The Norman firm born in 1955 has recently been refounded, merging with Renault Sport and the competition department of its parent company to form a new brand focused on the development of high-performance electric cars with a premium character.

So far, Alpine has confirmed the launch of three zero-emission models for the next few years: a boosted version of the Renault 5 (2024), crossover (2025), and a sports car developed jointly with the British manufacturer Lotus (2026). The latter will be called to replace the current A110.

Although the R5 is probably Alpine’s model with the highest volume, the truth is that the long-awaited crossover will be an even more ambitious bet, since it will have to stand up to two high-ranking models: the Maserati Grecale Folgore and the electric Porsche Macan, which They will initially hit the market next year.

Known internally by the code DZ110, this high-performance SUV will make use of the Nissan Ariya’s CMF-EV modular platform. However, your set-up will be very different; In fact, some sources assure that it will be “a completely new concept that will have nothing to do with the architecture” used by Nissan or Renault itself.

The Alpine “GT X-Over” will use the CMF-EV platform

Everything points to the fact that, in its most powerful versions, it will have a drive train made up of three motors: while the front unit will be the same 218 CV that we already know from the Renault Megane E-TECH Electric, on the rear axle it could use two thrusters (one for each wheel) associated with a torque vectoring system.

We should not rule out the use of technologies such as the 4Control rear-wheel steering system already seen in some Renaults, as well as the use of materials such as aluminum in the bodywork to contain weight. Given that Groupe Renault has confirmed that it is working on 800-volt electrical systems, one wonders if the new Alpine will debut an update to the CMF-EV platform with such a breakthrough.

As for aesthetics, it is known that it will have the company’s typical four-headlight front scheme, as well as a soft drop in the roof inspired by the graceful silhouette of the A110. Although its final commercial name is still unknown, in its press releases Alpine refers to the new model as GT X-Over, emphasizing its facet of grand tourism (that is, it will combine a sporty character with a good level of comfort and practicality). Its manufacture will take place in Dieppe (France).


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