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Alpine GT X-Over First details of the electric SUV

Alpine is currently undergoing a complete reconversion as a one hundred percent electric brand. One of its next electric models will be an SUV called GT X-Over and of which we already know when and where it will be manufactured. 

A little over a year ago, the current CEO of the Renault Group, Luca de Meo, showed us for the first time what was the roadmap in which they were working on the brands that are located under their umbrella ( Renault,  Dacia,  Alpine and mobilize). The plans for the most sporty firm of which, until now, only one sporty model was known was especially awaited. During his exhibition,  the plans for it were shown and it will reinforce the use of complete electrification, as well as the diversification of options through other models different from the current one. 

The current  Alpine A110  is a sporty, low-weight, mid-rear-engine vehicle; since its launch, this has not changed, and, being the only model marketed, the brand itself is beginning to feel somewhat forgotten. 

For this reason, the transformation of Alpine in the medium term will be total and will include in its catalog up to three well-differentiated bodies:  a sports utility vehicle, an SUV, and a two-seater sports car. In the case of the first, we are clear that it will be the most efficient alternative to the next electric Renault 5, in the case of the sports car we also know that it will be an update of the current A110, but what about the SUV?

Alpine GT X-Over

Precisely the most mysterious model in terms of the novelty that it presents for the Alpine label will be the first that we know and see in all its splendor. As the directors of the brand have officially confirmed, this model will arrive under the name of GT X-Over and will go into production in 2025 at the French plant in Dieppe. This factory is being optimized to accommodate the manufacture of electric vehicles and has been renamed Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rébdélé, in honor of the founder of the brand. 

This coupé-style SUV will be installed on the recently released CMF-EV platform that is also mounted on the current  Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. It will have the same 215 hp engine block that the diamond signature model presents, although rumors speak of a double installation, one for each axis, thus performing the task of providing all-wheel drive, as well as equipping this SUV with a power of more than 400 CV. In addition to this, it is also expected to have a set-up more focused on dynamism and performance. 

The next  Alpine GT X-Over will have its sights set directly on the  Tesla Model Y Performance, the  Ford Mustang Mach-E, or the next electric Porsche Macan, although it could also be direct competition to the next electric model that  Lotus will present, the so-called  Type 132. This last firm has a lot in common with Alpine, since both have only offered models of a very similar cut (light sports) and in the coming years we will see how their range of vehicles expand towards new horizons, all of them under the baton of electrification. 

The three new Alpine models will be operational by the year 2026. The Alpine 5 (the most performing variant of the electric Renault 5) is not expected to make its appearance until, at least, a few months after the marketing of the model in which it starts. will be based on. The last to arrive is expected to be the new electric version of the A110.


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