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Alibaba launches in China an electric van with 120 km of autonomy and a price of 4,000 euros

Chinese manufacturers do not cease to amaze us in their commitment to electrification, and above all their commitment to cover absolutely all market niches. Both the large premium SUVs, as well as the small low cost vehicles. This is the case of the company Matrix Motors, owned by the giant Alibaba, which has launched a compact, versatile model with a knockdown price.

It is a small model designed for the transport of goods within urban areas, where its dimensions allow it to make the most of its body, but occupying the space of a small smart Forfour.

And it is that in his barely 3,490mm long1465 mm wide and 1685 mm high, with a wheelbase of 2350 mm, this two-seater model manages to offer a load capacity of 2,300 litersexpandable to 2,600 liters if the passenger seat is removed and only the driver’s seat is left.

In the mechanical aspect, we see that the orientation is clearly urban, and where we find a small electric motor of 15 kW (20 hp) with a torque of 90 Nm. This is powered by an LFP battery with a capacity of 10.36 kWhwhich give it a CLTC-approved autonomy of 120 km.

The recharge for your part reaches a maximum of 3.3 kWwhich allow recovering 100% of the capacity in about 4 hours.

A simple proposal that stands out for having a rather striking design, even more so with the optional pink color with which it has been presented, and which is available at a price that starts in the 29,800 yuan, barely 4,000 euros at the current exchange rate.

The most curious thing is that this is an update of the model launched in 2021. A first version that was much more expensive than the current one, with rates that started at 46,665 yuan, 6,365 euros. Something that indicates that the manufacturer has managed to reduce production costs. Something that clashes with the constant increases experienced by most electric cars in recent months.

An alternative that comes to replace very popular proposals in markets such as China, where the electric tricycles Until now, they have been one of the most demanded options for last-mile delivery. Some cheap options, but with clear stability problems, which will now have a more interesting option in this type of model without breaking the budget.

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