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Alfa Romeo Tonale Reviews, Photos and Details

The unprecedented Alfa Romeo Tonale completes its tuning before its premiere next spring. Here’s the latest on this midsize SUV.

A few weeks ago, the Italian firm Alfa Romeo confirmed that the world premiere of the unprecedented Tonale would take place during the spring of 2022, with the exact moment of its world presentation being at the end of March or already during April. In the case of its commercialization and according to the latest data to which we have had access, its availability in European dealerships will begin in June 2022.

In spring 2021, Alfa Romeo decided to postpone the launch of the Tonale for a few months, a key model in the brand’s history as the brand’s first compact SUV and the first vehicle with an electrified powertrain. The new CEO of the Italian firm, Jean-Philippe Imparato, stated that it was necessary to take his time and wait a little longer to improve the quality of the vehicle and perfect both the performance and the efficiency levels of the new plug-in hybrid version that this SUV will debut.

In recent hours, the pre-series units of this unprecedented mid-size SUV have been immortalized by specialist photographers in capturing spy images of the new vehicles that are being developed. Despite the cumbersome “camouflage” garments of the photographed pre-series versions, various aesthetic elements can be guessed about what the final and definitive design of the production model could be like, a vehicle that a priori could retain a large part of the image. of the concept car presented in 2019.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Regarding the 2019 model, everything indicates that the final version that will be marketed could adopt a similar style in the front area, while its silhouette would also remain without major changes. Seen from the side, everything indicates that the outgoing model will have visible handles on the rear doors compared to the hidden handles of the model of two years ago. For its part, in the rear area, the roof spoiler and the aerodynamic shapes of the tailgate could be maintained.


Plug-in hybrid technology will be one of the cornerstones in the new and unprecedented 2022 Alfa Tonale range. This technology is not new to Stellantis and in the case of the “Fiat FCA era”, the Italian firm’s new medium SUV will adopt a plug-in hybrid technology that works similarly to the most recent Jeep Compass, with a 1.3 petrol engine. turbo as one of the main elements, in addition to the electric motor/motors and the corresponding battery of the electrical system. In this regard, two possible plug-in hybrid versions with power levels of 190 and 270 hp could be considered.

On the other hand, and for drivers who love “traditional combustion engines”, gasoline engines between 130 and 160 hp could also be offered, as well as some diesel variant of about 130 hp.

Recently, some spy images of the interior of the Tonale have also appeared on various motoring websites. As expected, the appearance of the cabin is much more realistic and practical than what the prototype offered at the time. With all this, everything suggests that there will be a dashboard protected by a double round cover and to the right of which there will be a horizontal touch screen. There will also be large air vents, as well as a row of switches that will be slightly reminiscent of the “piano key” type controls already seen on Peugeot models. In this way, Alfa Romeo seems to want to keep a series of physical buttons, instead of fully committing to digital screens and touch technology. To complete the interior configuration, a three-spoke steering wheel will also take center stage in the purest style of the sports tradition of the biscione brand.

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