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Aiways Previews Fastback-cut U6ion Suv

With the growing saturation of the SUV segment, even in electric cars, it’s time to be creative with the bodies. Even Asian automakers are flirting with coupé-style SUVs or, as in this case, fastbacks. This is the Aiways U6ion, of which we see a preview of its final form.

Its manufacture will begin this year and Aiways tells us that these sketches are practically the same as the series production model. One of the key aspects of its design is that the air inlets are more functional than simply aesthetic. For example, the brakes have an air intake to cool them.

The design is very focused on aerodynamics to reduce drag and the batteries spread a little more. Although the sketch suggests otherwise, the wheels will be 21 inches in diameter and the tires will have a little more profile. According to Aiways, the tires combine low weight, good brake heat dissipation, and little turbulence so as not to weigh down consumption.

The interior, of which we do not yet have images, combines the trends already known in the segment. On the one hand, the interior will be minimalist in terms of elements and buttons, since an omnipresent 14.6″ touch screen in the frontal position will be able to make up for the lack of buttons. The steering wheel will have a “quadrangular” shape.

Aiways U6ion

On the other hand, the manufacturer speaks of sophistication in the materials and the precision of the finishes, including details such as colored lighting (how little does this sound like Mercedes), spaces inside the doors to store umbrellas, and even other specific holes for transporting a drone or an electric scooter.

The Spanish market is among the priorities for the brand. The new U6ion will be presented first in Antwerp (Belgium), and then in Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Denmark, and Sweden, “among other” European countries. The Spanish importer is Astara, formerly known as Grupo Bergé, and with extensive experience importing various brands.

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