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2023 Toyota Sequoia to debut next week

These renders bring us closer to the possible appearance of the new generation of the Toyota Sequoia, the largest SUV of the Japanese firm that should release a new generation next year 2022. These renders are the interpretation of the new model with the current design language of the firm.

The Toyota Sequoia is the largest SUV of the Japanese firm in the North American market. But it is also one of the oldest models of the firm in the world since its current generation was presented in 2008, so it is fully justified to think that the replacement of this huge full-size SUV should be just around the corner.

However, so far we have not been able to see a single test unit on the street, not even an initial test mule. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the development of this model is very advanced, and in addition, the only information we have about the new generation are some statements from an internal source of the company that ensure that the model will not arrive until the year 2022.

Knowing the customs of Toyota North America, the only division of the Japanese brand that markets this model, if this information is correct, the new model would be presented at the beginning of that year, although already as a 2023 model.

2023 Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia is the SUV body variant of the Toyota Tundra, the Japanese brand’s successful light-duty full-size pick-up with which it shares its chassis frame, mechanicals, and transmissions. So we can assume that the new Sequoia may not be ready until the brand’s engineers have completed the next generation of the Tundra, which still has a long time to come.

Because we have not witnessed any sightings of the new generation of the Sequoia, we have no clue of the novelties that the new model can bring, nor of its renewed aesthetics. This series of recreations have been made by the designer Nikita Chuiko, who has transplanted the features of the latest releases of the Japanese firm to the bodywork of a current Toyota Sequoia. We can see that the general features and proportions have been respected, but now we find a less bulbous body with smoother panels, whose features now correspond to nerves and subtle lines of expression., as well as more stylized optics, based on its most recent brothers in the range, as is the case with the new Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Highlander.

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