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2023 Nissan GT-R (R36) Time to electrify Godzilla?

Nissan is working on the renewal of its great sports car in the United States, a hybrid mechanic is on the table, although not in any way.

Launched in 2007, the Nissan GT-R is one of the oldest sports cars that remain on the market, although it has managed to stay current with successive updates . However, times change and in an industry that is increasingly looking towards electrification , even in Nissan , as it has made clear with its future strategy, it seems that the time could also come for the legendary Japanese sports car.

And it is that according to Automotive News it may not take us long to see the new next-generation Nissan GT-R and a hybrid mechanic is on the table. As explained by Nissan’s director of operations, Ashwani Gupta, the brand has planned, as we could see a few months ago, a profound renewal of its range, especially in the United States, one of its most important markets, and that renewal plan would also include the GT-R .

As he explains, the Japanese are already working on this design of the model that is expected to arrive in 2023 , and in said renewal Nissan is studying the introduction of a hybrid system , that is focused on performance .

And that is precisely why it will not come in the form of a usual plug-in hybrid or something similar, but with something that most fans of competition will find familiar: a kinetic energy recovery system better known as KERS .

2023 Nissan GT-R

This technology that introduced electrification to Formula 1 was also put into the brief Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Le Mans prototype , and it would be the way to give the new Nissan GT-R a touch of electrification but in a way that puts it 100% at the service of performance and sportsmanship .

Will this idea come true? The truth is that according to Motor1 this would contradict the information from last year that ruled out hybridization for the moment and even that a thorough renovation of a model that has already been on the market for 13 years will arrive . However, Nissan’s new strategy after the departure of Carlos Ghosn makes it clear that things have changed, and that they now have in hand a profound renewal of their range for the coming years , in which they should not neglect one of their flagships. .

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