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2023 Mercedes GLE First Details & Photos

Mercedes' largest SUV Coupé faces the halfway point of its current generation with a restyling that our spies have already hunted in motion and that we will see in 2023

Born as the successor to the ML class, the Mercedes GLE has been one of the great bets from Mercedes in the world of SUVs since its arrival in 2018, so much so that in 2019 it was reinforced with an attractive coupé version that has survived to this day. Now this GLE Coupé faces the halfway point of its current generation, and for this reason, Mercedes is preparing a renewal of this model that will come soon but that our spies have already caught in its testing phase.

  • After seeing the future standard version of the Mercedes GLE underway, now it is the turn of its coupé version, which will also be updated
  • It will arrive with slight aesthetic touches on the front and a more electrified and connected range
  • It is expected to arrive sometime in 2023

With Affalterbach’s DNA

Specifically, this prototype dressed in a suit AMG has been seen in Stuttgart, although its appearance camouflaged especially in the front and a small part of the back reveals that there are aesthetic changes on the way.

In particular, we can see the arrival of a modified with a more modern touch especially for air intakes front bumper sides, but also leave the impression of being somewhat smaller. What does not change is the famous Pan-American grill typical of AMG models, which together with the quad exhaust outlet in the rear make it clear that we are dealing with one of the models from the house of Affalterbach.

This of course will be just one of several versions of the new GLE Coupé, which, as in the case of its standard SUV brother, will not be short of versions.

2023 Mercedes GLE

More advanced and connected

There are no details about its interior yet, although as usual some more far-reaching improvements are expected here, such as a new steering wheel, an improved MBUX infotainment system, and improved connectivity, as well as additional options to decorate and customize the interior in parts. like upholstery.

At the moment there are no details on the mechanical part, although it is expected that here there are not many changes beyond a slightly more ambitious commitment by electrification has come to stay in Mercedes and that this model will probably result in all your mechanical available will be accompanied to the least one light hybridization, when not directly from a powertrain plug-in hybrid versions higher end.

According to our spies, this new Mercedes GLE Coupé will arrive sometime in the year 2023. A still a considerable margin of time for us to see even additional aesthetic and mechanical improvements in the future. Rendering; Autobild&Autozeitung

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