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2023 Ford Kuga all the secrets of the new compact SUV

Ford is already preparing the renewal of one of its most successful models. The 2023 Ford Kuga, your flagship in the compact SUV segment, will arrive next year.

Today no one doubts the importance of the Kuga within the Ford range. The model competes in the most demanded category in the market, that of compact SUVs, and although it has never been able to discuss the hegemony of the great market leaders (today the Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008, Kia Sportage, and Hyundai Tucson). ) its importance in the manufacturer is capital.

In fact, in Spain, the Kuga is today the third best-selling Ford throughout the year, only behind the clear leader, the Puma, and very close to the second, the compact Focus. With 3,890 units sold from January to September, the SUV is also one of the few vehicles on the market that can boast large positive growth figures this year, improving its data by up to an impressive 75 percent over the same period in 2020, according to the latest ANFAC data. 


For this reason, the renewal of the Ford Kuga must be undertaken with the maximum guarantees in the brand. And it is close to reaching the market, as announced today by important international media, such as the American portal Carscoops, which have already been able to capture their first test units with bodywork, yes, still camouflaged.

According to this information, the update of the third generation of the SUV, which has only been on the market for just over 2 years, will arrive during the next year, in 2022, but as a model year already 2023. The renewal will not be too deep, affecting aesthetics level mainly to new light clusters and a redesigned front grille.

The new front, of course, will give a quite different image to the new Ford Kuga 2023, with a larger grill and with the new brand logo, which the latest Fiesta and Focus already wear. The headlights will also feature new LED graphics inspired by the new Mustang Mach-E, thus offering a more aggressive and striking appearance.

2023 Ford Kuga

More limited, however, the changes will be appreciated both in the lateral and in the rear silhouette, which will practically maintain its current appearance with slight updates of details. Neither the tailgate nor the rear bumpers will change at first glance.

2023 Ford Kuga Will Come New Interior

Although there is still no image captured in the test units of the interior, the same information already indicates that the new Ford Kuga 2023 will bet on the new central touch screen of the new Focus, 12.3 inches in size, and with the latest system information and entertainment SYNC4. In combination will also come digital instrumentation and new ADAS driver assistance systems.

As for the mechanical range, it does not seem that there will be major modifications in the new Ford Kuga since the SUV is currently offered with a significant technological load. In its offer, there are already micro-hybrid Diesel versions with 48V technology, conventional hybrid, and plug-in hybrid, in addition to traditional gasoline. Without a doubt, it is one of the models in its category with a more complete and successful proposal. In a few months, we will know your information officially.

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