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2023 Alpina B3 Debut With New Tech

In 2020 we wrote that it is the M3 Touring, which will not exist. Gone: in 2022, the Alpina B3 Touring facelift will meet a counterpart from M GmbH for the first time. The Alpina D3 is also being lifted. That’s the price!

As soon as the revision of the BMW 3 Series is official. Inside shows the first photos of the Alpina B3 & D3 S facelift, which includes both sedan and touring. The fact that the high-end manufacturer is so quick with the revision is thanks to the good connections to Munich: Parallel to the development of the facelift of the G20 series, Alpina was also allowed to put a hand on its mid-range models

For the first time, the B3 Touring meets competition from the halls of M GmbH: the Alpina will differentiate itself from the M3 Touring with the maximally large and skillful balancing act between luxury and sportiness. Means: The Alpina B3 Touring facelift will meet the new competition with a stronger 3.0-liter six-cylinder Biturbo, which now delivers 495 hp (364 kW) and sends 730 Newton meters to all four wheels via all-wheel drive including a standard rear axle locking differential.

The 3 The 0-liter in-line six-cylinder diesel of the Alpina D3 S Facelift continues to deliver 355 hp (261 kW) and also develops 730 Newton meters of torque. The driving performance of all versions is beyond any doubt: The petrol engines need 3.6 (sedan) to 3.7 seconds (Touring) from 0 to 100 km/h, and the diesel is around one second slower. The same applies to top speeds: the petrol engines can run at 305 km/h, while the diesel “only” manages 273 km/h.

The design of the Alpina B3 & D3 S Facelift is still committed to understatement, as the first photos show. Similar to the 3 series facelift, the headlights have a new light signature with semicircles on top. The green color “Alpina Grün II” and the 19-inch Alpina Dynamic cast wheels are typical of Alpina.

The new curved display is finding its way into the interior of the Alpina B3 & D3 S Facelift – of course with Alpine-style software. However, the revision is reflected in the price: The Alpina D3 S facelift (2022) is at least 77,050 euros (sedan) or 78,450 euros (touring). The B3 is much more expensive at 88,600 euros for the sedan and 89,900 euros (as of May 2022) for the station wagon.

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