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2022 Ford Mondeo: Evos-Inspired Crossover Successor Unveiled

At Guangzouh Auto Show, which is celebrated in China until next November 28, Ford presents the new generation of the Mondeo. Before even, yes, they have already been able to filter their first images, unveiled by the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Asian giant and reproduced by our German colleagues from Auto Motor und Sport. In addition, we also advance you our first illustration of the model, signed as always by our specialist Schulte.

But,this new Mondeo will be a model also marketed in Europe? At the moment, everything is unknown. Always marketed in the United States as Fusion, the brand has already discontinued it, while in Europe Ford has already announced the end of the current Mondeo for next March 2022. However, what does seem certain is that the model will have a successor, although not in the saloon format that we currently know.

Ford Mondeo 2022, leaked by China's MIIT.  AMS

This is the new Ford Mondeo 2022 presented in China

This new Ford Mondeo that is presented in China, therefore, could well be the future crossover that in the range of will replace the current Mondeo. Based on another vehicle that Ford markets in China, and called Evos (name, by the way, which has also been speculated that it could take the replacement in Europe of the current Mondeo), the successor to the saloon is presented as a crossover with a taller body, which is true that it retains the 3 volumes, but It takes on a certain SUV appearance as a hybrid of variants.

With eye-catching LED headlights and a large grille based on the current Chinese Evos, the new successor to the Ford Mondeo for 2022 also incorporates retractable handles at the doors and two-tone body. At the rear, a large apron is completed by light clusters with a clear influence from the new Mustang Mach-E. The first information also suggests that there will be a more sporty ST model.

Ford Mondeo 2022

Engine and dimensions

The China’s new 2022 Ford Mondeo will be powered, as advertised in AMS, for a motor 2.0-liter gasoline turbo displacement, with a power of 250 hp and 276 Nm of maximum torque. Its advertised maximum speed is 220 km / h.

At the moment, this new model does not have hybridization, nor a plug-in system, leaving the marketing of the Mustang Mach-E as an electrified vehicle exclusively in China. Its dimensions are much more impressive than the current Mondeo, since its length stretches to 4.94 meters (the current Mondeo in Europe measures 4.87 meters), with a wheelbase of 2.95 meters, the same as the new Evos. Its width is 1.88 meters and the height is 1.50 meters.

Ford Evos 2021: The future Mondeo could be based on this model that is sold in China.

Already inside, Ford plans to use in the 2022 Mondeo the new infotainment display system already seen in the Evos, with up to 1.1 meter screen for front passengers. This huge digital surface would be obtained by adding the 12.3 inch instrumentation attached to a touch screen on the center console up to 27 inches and with 4K resolution.

At the moment it is all the information we have, although the main rumors that come from Germany suggest that in Europe we will see the replacement of the Mondeo possibly through a derivation of the current Evos that is sold in China. We will soon know.

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